Get Road-Trip Ready with Santa Barbara Auto Group

Get your vehicle ready for the open road at Santa Barbara Auto Group so you can travel with the peace of mind that your car is in top condition for the summer. Santa Barbara offers some of the most beautiful scenic routes in the entire country just waiting to be explored.   Just imagine: a cold drink, some great music, and a handful of your favorite people all together in one place heading out for an adventure! Sound like the perfect summer getaway? We think so. Whether you are heading to the beach or taking a road trip through the mountains or across the country, summer is the perfect time for a drive. Service Your Vehicle for the Summer To make sure your adventure goes as planned, it is important to get your vehicle road-trip ready. Nothing spoils a trip more than being sidelined for car services. So, to ensure your vehicle is prepped and ready for the road, be sure to take it in to your dealership for a quick tune-up and inspection. In addition to your regular scheduled maintenance services, you may consider having the following items checked or serviced this summer: Tire Inspections: Before heading out for a [...]