BMW Santa Barbara Shares Top Technology Picks for 2016

BMW offers drivers an array of innovative technologies across the BMW lineup to deliver an even more satisfying driving experience. What was once only science fiction is now reality with the 2017 BMW model lineup. Innovative features and technologies have evolved from the creative stages of the drawing board to becoming a functioning reality. First introduced on the BMW i8, these features are now available on many different BMW models for 2017. Some of our favorite BMW technologies at BMW Santa Barbara include: Adaptive LED Headlights This is one of those features that drivers don’t truly appreciate until they have experienced them. Then they never want to be without them! BMW Adaptive LED headlights follow the road and your every move. When the steering wheel is turned, the lights follow along to keep your focus of attention well-lit improving visibility on the darkest nights or during inclement weather. This feature also helps reduce eye fatigue at night because it makes traffic signs, objects, animals, and pedestrians easier to see. Additionally, the Selective Beam feature automatically turns high beams on and off to avoid blinding oncoming drivers. Together, these features make night-driving easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Night Vision In addition [...]