BMW M4 GTS Delivers Greater Power with Innovative Water Injection System

BMW will release a limited number of the BMW M4 GTS worldwide that harnesses the latest engineering innovations from the luxury brand.   Just when BMW M4 fans thought it couldn’t get any better, BMW has released a limited edition version of the BMW M4 GTS. This incredible sport vehicle enables serious drivers to push the limits of BMW power with radical control and performance specs. BMW even admits it is the most agile M4 ever built. At BMW Santa Barbara, we can’t help but delve into the details of this remarkable model. A First in Water Injection Technology The BMW M4 was designed to embody the power and spirit of BMW performance. It uses an enhanced version of the M TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder engine with a revolutionary water injection system. It is the first time this technology has been used on a BMW production road vehicle. The process is uniquely effective and efficient. Water is injected as a fine spray and evaporates to lower the intake air temperature. This helps reduce the compression temperature in the combustion chamber which minimizes the rick of knock and allows the engine to operate at a higher boost pressure and advanced spark timing. [...]