Santa Barbara BMW Explores the BMW i3 Concept

Santa Barbara BMW explores the latest information about the upcoming electric drive concept car, the BMW i3Concept.  Santa Barbara BMW is pleased to share the latest news and updates regarding the exciting development of the BMW i3 Concept.  This unique vehicle is designed to deliver the ultimate electric driving experience thanks to innovative technology from BMW.  The electric motor of the BMW i3 Concept is designed to function within an urban environment and will provide agility, functionality, and luxurious comfort.  The concept car is expected to have 125 kW and 170hp.  The BMW i3 Concept accelerates from 0-37mph in just under 4 seconds and 0-60 in less than eight seconds. Clean Electric Power The BMW i3 Concept features 100% clean electric power.  Thanks to the “single pedal control” coasting mode and acceleration and braking system, the car will disconnect the drive train while the vehicle is coasting to decrease its power consumption and take advantage of the car’s own kinetic energy. The battery of the BMW i3 Concept is a lithium-ion battery which is optimized to significantly reduce external influences on the vehicles power.  It features an intelligent heating/cooling system to keep the battery operating at the optimal temperature in [...]