BMW Announces Release of the BMW 3-Series Gran Tourismo this Summer

BMW Santa Barbara is pleased to announce that BMW will be introducing the 3-Series Gran Tourismo to the United States market.  BMW’s goal is to provide drivers with yet another model option for the popular 3-Series, filling the absence in the market with a beefier design, and additional room and cargo space.  The car is a coupelike four-door hatchback that falls between a sedan and a wagon and will be available at BMW Santa Barbara late this summer. Distinctive Design Slated for release this summer, the 2014 3-Series Gran Tourismo features a long-wheelbase chassis and large rear hatch.  In general, the 3-Series GT is discretely wider and features a taller grille and weighs in at 300 pounds heavier compared to its sedan counterparts.  While the design updates make the care slightly less agile than the sedan version, the Gran Tourismo offers a comfortable, roomier driving experience. The BMW 3-Series Gran Tourismo stands apart from the 3-Series Wagon in a variety of ways.  Boasting a full 8 inches extra in length, and 3 inches taller, the car sets drivers up more like an SUV than a car.  The added dimensions also provide nearly 3 inches more legroom in the back, a [...]