Audi Piloted Driving Guides the Evolution of Autonomous Driving

Audi is applying innovative processes to enable Audi Piloted driving programs to actually learn on the go to ever improve their functionality and efficiency. Audi is bringing the future of autonomous driving into the present day. Just a few months ago, the luxury automobile company invited a group of journalists on a remarkable ride in a unique A7 model powered by the Audi Piloted Driving technology from Silicon Valley to the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. The car successfully reached its destination and set off a flurry of excitement surrounding autonomous driving technology. Advanced Learning Capabilities Part of what drives the success of Audi Piloted Driving is a dedication to remaining at the forefront of innovation. Audi designers and engineers are not only searching for the best ways to implement autonomous driving capabilities; they are also searching for ways to ensure the technology itself is continually improving. Rather than creating a fixed information processing system, Audi engineers have created a way for the program behind Audi Piloted Driving to continue to fine tune its understanding and recognition of the world around it. Similar to the way a baby learns, Audi Piloted Driving is constantly updating its database [...]