Audi Continues to Climb to Record Sales through June

Audi posts record sales once again in June of 2016 to continue a long history of company growth and profits thanks to innovative new design and performance standards.  Audi has reported record sales this June, continuing their upward trend for nearly five years in a row. The premium automotive manufacturer has experienced a record sales streak for 66 months now and is proud to continue to report such steady progress and growth. During the month of June, the company increased sales once again by one percent, selling a total of 18,445 vehicles. At Audi Santa Barbara, we are proud to share in and support the success of the brand. Our customers know they can expect the best innovative performance and technology year after year and we appreciate their loyalty! Charting New Sales Territory within the SUV Market Audi sales have been so strong this year, that during the first six months of 2016, Audi sold more vehicles in the US than they did during any full year previous to 2010. These numbers not only reflect the strength of the brand, but also reflect a steady return of the U.S. economy and the premium automotive market in general. Some of the [...]