Audi Earns Top Two Spots on Latest KBB Top Luxury Vehicles List

Audi S-line vehicles were ranked first and second on the most recent “Top Consumer Rated Luxury Vehicles of 2016” list. With the growth of the internet, there are now many accessible resources to help buyers learn more about their favorite vehicles. Many online automotive journals and experts post reviews, ratings, and consumer feedback about the latest models for readers who are looking for a new car or interested in learning about the recent updates. For example, every year Kelly Blue Book (KBB) publishes lists of vehicles with the highest customer satisfaction ratings. At Audi Santa Barbara, we are proud to share that Audi recently held the lead in the “Top Consumer Rated Luxury Vehicles of 2016” list. Holding the most spots on the list including both first and second position, Audi received strong recognition from consumers this year for its dedication to performance, safety, and luxury design. Audi Comes Out on Top When it comes to understanding the true value of a vehicle, who better to trust than real owners? This is exactly why Kelly Blue Book has compiled the Top Ten lists to provide consumers with inside information about the true value and performance of vehicles. In this year’s luxury [...]