Audi allroad Takes on the Road in 2013

Audi has revamped the 2013 Audi allroad to be more rugged and powerful than ever.  Each year, adventurous drivers hit the highway, winding mountain roads, or the coastal backroads in search of adventure.  The Audi allroad has the build, the power, and the capability to handle whatever comes your way, no matter where you find yourself while still providing the comfort and luxury of an executive sedan.  So go ahead, pack up the gear, grab your friends or family, and head out for new territory in the new 2013 Audi allroad. Rugged Design The rugged exterior of the 2013 Audi allroad is no deception.  Built with an increased ride height, the 2012 Audi allroad has better clearance than its predecessors to make it easier to navigate across any kind of road.  Scuff resistant lower cladding resists scratches.  The Audi allroad is powered by the 2.0T engine with valvelift system for aggressive power and torque. Improved Control The 2013 Audi allroad features all-wheel drive capability for superb control.  Agile and efficient, the Audi allroad offers drivers the technology and dynamics they expect for a great driving experience.  Electronic Stability Control monitors driving conditions and can even detect off-road conditions and adjust [...]