The 2018 Audi A3 Sedan Provides the Next Level of Entertainment and Convenience

The combination of luxury and convenience features creates an unrivaled driving experience Comfort, ease of access, and versatility are all necessities in creating the ideal luxury experience, which the Audi A3 has in spades.  The A3 will ensure that you experience the best of what the open road has to offer, featuring an automated temperature control system for protection against those sweltering Southern California heat waves. Conversely, Power Windows and One-Touch Moon Roof are available to you for when you want to make the most of those sweet sunsets behind the wheel.  The Tilt enabled and telescoping steering wheel showcases the versatility that is part and parcel to the luxury experience.  The HomeLink Garage Door Transmitter as well as Remote Keyless Entry are all indicative of the way Audi Santa Barbara wishes to deliver next gen convenience to your doorstep. The new 2018 Audi A3 Sedan offers top-notch entertainment features The Audi A3 provides some of the best entertainment features available on the market.  Showcasing options such as SiriusXM satellite radio as well as Bluetooth Wireless connectivity, the Audi A3 is at the forefront in offering premier entertainment features.  Also included in this model are the impressive 7” LCD speakers [...]