Anthony Soave Builds Strong Business Ethics

Anthony Soave understands that the connection between maintaining an ethical business environment and corporate success is no coincidence.  He has worked for over fifty years to develop a sound ethical environment within each of the diverse businesses within Soave Enterprises.    Recently, the following was shared with Soave employees:  David Chavern, the Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, lays out the case for being a “good guy” in today’s world of free enterprise.  He states: “Being ethical makes good business sense. Ethical companies like are able to leverage to their advantage in the market place the trust and goodwill they’ve established with employees, customers, investors, suppliers, partners, and the public. Organizations bound by ethics are able to recruit and retain the best talent, command a premium for their products and services, obtain more favorable terms from suppliers, and gain favor with investors. In a world where “capitalism” has become a dirty word, stained by the actions of the Enrons and Bernie Madoffs, it is easy to forget that free enterprise is itself the most moral and ethical economic system. The free enterprise system maximizes the virtues we commonly believe to be ethical and good – hard work, [...]