Land Rover Goes Green with Clean Diesel Engines

Land Rover debuts a larger, more efficient clean diesel engine line-up for 2015 to give drivers access to the latest in fuel efficiency and alternative energy technology. If we have learned anything from the incredible tide of technology innovations of the last century, it is that there is always a new and better way to accomplish something. As we have moved from one kind of technology to the next, consumers are constantly able to increase efficiency and capability in many applications. This concept strongly applies within the automotive industry and is the fueling drive behind consistent performance updates from leading automotive manufacturers like Land Rover. Land Rover Moves Forward with Clean Diesel At the 2015 North American Auto Show, Land Rover revealed the latest in clean diesel offerings. Clean diesel is the perfect example of understanding that there is more than one way to power a car to achieve optimal fuel efficiency. In fact, Land Rover intends to offer the most robust selection of clean diesel engines ever in the U.S. According to an announcement made by Land Rover at the 2015 North American Auto Show, the brand intends to roll out fuel-efficient diesel powered vehicles across the Land Rover [...]