Re-Entry to the Real World – Life After Lean Training

Often I have a chance to talk to people who have participated in lean training. The response I get is something like this. “The training class was great. The ‘aha’ moment hit for all of us. At the close I was so pumped up. When I went to work on Monday I was ready to 5S the world, map our current state, and sit down with my customer to start making both of our businesses better. But after a few weeks the shine dimmed, the enthusiasm dampened in the face of daily pressures, fires to fight, the latest hot priority, and lack of time to do lean. I participated in a kaizen after 3 months. It was great but I still had to return to the real world after. We need something to keep the energy at a high level.” I also check in with the Lean Program Managers. Training is typically conducted by this group when not done by external resources. Their comments are similar to this. “The feedback on the training and material is positive. We see the skeptics get it and the leaders in the class light up. But when we follow up with trainees in their [...]