Amazing Acro-Cats Purrr-form for a Purrr-pose

From Chicago to San Francisco, the Amazing Acro-Cats entertain and educate Domestic and former orphan cats take the stage highlighting remarkable intelligence and curious feline personalities of the Amazing Acro-Cats, and Tuna and the Rock-Cats. Originating in Chicago, the feline troupe travels to stages all around the countryside such as Fort Mason’s Southside Theater in San Francisco, Brooklyn Music School Theater in New York, Denver’s Bug Theater and Detroit’s Jam Handy Theater. Chief Executive Human (CEH) Samantha Martin leaped into this exciting new venture with her house cats and other feline rescues. She trains her cats through “Clicker Training” which is a stress-free positive reinforcement method used to train animals. During the show, the act offers education and entertainment. The entertainment includes anything from cats skateboarding to jumping through hoops to challenging a chicken in a bowling showdown. These feline wonders amaze the hearts of their audiences with a variety of entertaining acts. Traveling around the nation in the Acro-Cat bus, the talented crew includes the Acro-Cats, Tuna and the Rock-Cats, a variety of rescue animals and supporting human staff. Adding to the success of their feline entourage is the up and coming star named Alley, who made the Guinness [...]