The BMW 5-Series Lineup Plans to Dominate 2017 Detroit Auto Show

BMW is using the 2017 Detroit Auto Show as their debut stage to introduce the next generation of the brand’s 5-Series. Year after year the Detroit Auto Show becomes exponentially more interesting and impressive. With constant advances in technology, the contemporary push toward sustainable efforts, and an overall lift on limiting ideas, the Auto Show has become a demonstration of continuing automotive brilliance and innovation. This year will once again display the collaborative efforts of engineering genius. Amongst the exhibitions will be the lineup for the new BMW 5-Series. After the brand released photos and information about the new series in October, it is easy to tell that the intelligence and unmatched ingenuity that BMW has always prided itself on is still their priority. As an authorized BMW dealer, BMW Santa Barbara is excited to see the official release of the vehicle and the admiration it will receive for its debut at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. An All-inclusive Luxury Vehicle The new BMW 5-Series will likely compete against rival Mercedes-Benz with their new tech-focused E-Class sedan. Though the vehicles will be similar in concept, the BMW 5-Series is truly unique. The automaker will be debuting three models from the [...]

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BMW 5 Series Engine Delivers Powerful Efficient Experience

BMW owners can expect only the best from their vehicles, and the new BMW 5 Series is no exception. The high-performance power felt with every push of the pedal is a result of BMW’s commitment to providing increased control and efficiency with every new generation of the BMW engines.  Featuring the dependable inline 6-cylinder engine or the BMW Twin Turbo V-8 engine, the BMW 5 Series offers a smooth, powerful, and dynamic driving experience. An Engine for the Future BMW believes that the future of the combustion engine still holds considerable promise.  Built to be more fuel efficient and controlled than ever before, the next generation of BMW sedans is powered by innovative engine technology that is sure to impress even the pickiest of drivers. BMW Efficient Dynamics   The updates and changes to BMW engines is the result of the work of a team of specialists who have developed BMW Efficient Dynamics.  Innovative and efficient features make all the difference.  Direct injection provides more controlled power.  Turbochargers with variable geometry increase power, and Twin Scroll intakes provide better efficiency.  Even the engine oil has been addressed to heat up more quickly to result in less friction.  The new BMW [...]

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