The All-new 2018 Jaguar XJ R-Sport is the Apex of both Performance and Technology

The 2018 Jaguar XJ R-Sport provides true-to-form performance combined with innovative technology making your driving experience truly memorable The 2018 Jaguar XJ R-Sport is a beautiful new model that boasts technology that includes cutting-edge features will truly take your driving experience to the next level.  Jaguar Santa Barbara offers this new model, which will revolutionize the market of luxury sports vehicles in 2018.  The 2018 Jaguar XJ R-Sport delivers the Jaguar brand excellence by exceeding expectations in performance and driving automotive entertainment technology forward. 2018 Jaguar XJ R-Sport offers excellent performance The 2018 Jaguar XJ R-Sport dominates in performance by pushing its premium 3.0L V6 Intercooled Supercharger engine to the max.  2018 Jaguar XJ R-Sport does not hold anything back by pushing it to the limit with an incredible 340 horsepower and 332 ft-lb of torque. In addition, the supercharger component of the engine or allows for better power output that the Jaguar TLX drives by increasing the density of the air entering the combustion engine. Not only that, the 2018 Jaguar XJ R-Sport boasts impressive fuel efficiency, averaging 27 mpg highway.  Jaguar has always been the brand to provide the optimized performance features you want to take advantage of, [...]

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