2017 Smart ForTwo is the Perfect Smart Car for Daily Commuters

With more and more people moving to big cities to be closer to their jobs, the 2017 Smart ForTwo is the perfect vehicle to reduce pollution and handle your daily commute. For decades now we’ve been watching the growth of cities as the center for concentrated populations, congestion, traffic, and pollution. In response, many premium auto-brands have been investing in designing more compact electric vehicles. Some of the most reputable brands like Audi, Volkswagen, and Jaguar have recently entered the race and are doing impressive things. However, wouldn’t it make more sense to go with the brand that was involved in starting the movement and has been engineering hybrid and zero emission vehicles for nearly a decade? The Smart brand has been continually innovating and improving their designs since 2007 and the 2017 Smart ForTwo is the most exciting model yet. Going Fully Electric with the 2017 Smart ForTwo The Smart ForTwo is the ideal car for electrification. The 2017 Smart ForTwo is the third generation of this conventional model and is, without a doubt, the most impressive yet. This vehicle is perfect for city-dwellers and commuters from the outskirts of the city. It is available in three versions to [...]