Website Blog Marketability

Business blogging helps to show your authority and expertise, drive traffic to your website, improves your search engine optimization, helps to generates leads, and communicates to your social communities for social media marketing.

Blog is an abbreviation of the technical term “weblog,” a term used to describe web sites that have an ongoing diary of information. The chronicle of information will link to other pages in the web site, articles or other websites as necessary.

The purpose of website blog marketability is to facilitate fresh content on your website. You need to consistently update your website with new information.  Doing so will enable you to better engage visitors and increase the density of your website which helps optimize your ranking in organic search engine results.

Website Blog Marketability


Why Does Website Blog Marketability Matter?

Think of a blog as a collection of posts related to relevant subject matter and news information for your company or industry.  Blog entries may provide information or commentary on a particular subject and function as brand advertising to promote new products, technology, and events. Blog entries should be added on a continuous basis in order to provide new meaningful information for your customers and to maintain the “freshness” of your website, since that is a factor search engines use to rank you in organic search results.  A blog is the simplest and most efficient way to add content to your website.

Blog Post Optimization

Blog entries are a great way to optimize your website for new or additional keywords and phrases.  We can track the results of this through Google Webmaster Tools which reports the total number of keywords your website is ranked for in the past 90 days.  Our objective is to increase that number.  Our clients have seen this number go from ten or twenty to over six hundred, significantly increasing the effectiveness of their website for a wide array of keyword searches.

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