Website Development Creative, Structure and Content

Website Creative

The website creative aspect of website development includes creating design elements to promote brand awareness and increase user functionality.  We work with you to develop website creative that effectively represents your brand and provides an effective interactive experience for visitors that will provide sales support or drive leads and sales.

Creative design includes implementing elements such as logos, colors, visual layout, videos, images, and slideshows to engage visitors and provide information.

Website Creative Design and Structure

Website Structure

Structure includes developing the organization and physical layout of the website, navigation features, and attributes of the home page and inside pages.

To create an effective website structure, it is important to understand the scope of the project.  During this process we address the organization and marketability of the website and take a marketing-based approach to its structure.  Whether you are updating an existing website or creating a new one, we partner with you to develop an efficient structure that will meet your objective to promote lead generation and sales, or offer interactive sales support.

Website Content

Content refers to the information in the pages that you wish to share with visitors.  When it comes to content, you are the expert, so we partner with you to create the website text and media components.  Once we receive the text copy and media files of everything you want to include in the website, we implement it in the appropriate pages.

From this starting point, we can then organize and optimize the information accordingly.  In addition to website text, content also includes relevant photos, videos, or other media applications that are meant to engage visitors, drive sales, or provide information.

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