Online Reputation Management Keeps Positive Information In Front

Reputation management revolves around managing online consumer posts, social community commentary, and ratings and reviews in local business listings about your company. The consumer commentary is related to their experience with you brand, products, services and staff members with whom they have interacted.

In the world of the Internet, a business can no longer hide from unhappy customers. These unhappy customers have several outlets on the web and when the customer’s emotions run high they will target many sources simultaneously and bring with them other customers who are unhappy about the company as well.

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Reputation Management Types

There are three methods of consumer commentary on the web affecting business reputation or individual reputation:

  • Complaint Posts in Consumer Websites
    This would include comments in,, and the list is quite long. These complaints posts have a shelf life of years and tend to display in the organic search results when someone is researching your company brand.
  • Social Community Complaints
    This viral form of complaining about a company is the most significant that requires an action plan and a plan that has no end point. It is imperative to monitor activities, engage in conversation, and a process to resolve the situation.
  • Local Business Listings Ratings and Reviews
    As the Internet has gone local, stars in the search results give consumers a quick glance if they wan to shop with your local store, office, or franchise. This would include websites like Google+ Local, Yelp, Bing, CityGrid,, and many others. While it is not possible to remove these posts, it is necessary to respond to these complaints to help others show your care towards your customers.

Solving Online Reputation Management Brand and Methodologies

Online Reputation Management (ORM) solutions exist to use a combination of marketing tools, which support a business to have positive brand credibility. The ORM process is about the perception that most customers have of the company and to bring the majority of these positive views to rise to the top, while the small minority is less visible. Some of marketing tools in the SmartFinds online reputation management process include:

  • Brand Content Marketing
    Using content marketing using editorial articles, news release marketing, document marketing, and the distribution of this information it is possible to bring controlled information to rise to the top of the search engine results for a brand search.
  • Responding To Reviews
    Once a review has been posted it is difficult to remove them from the web. For this reason responding to them, whether positive or negative, will show the company’s engagement and care of its customers.
  • Encouraging Positive Reviews
    A marketing program to encourage the majority of customers, who are perfectly pleased with the company, to post positive ratings and reviews will help insure the Internet community has a balanced perspective of the company

Reputation Management Tools

Google Alerts is a convenient option to manage business reputation, brand reputation or individual reputation. The tool is easy to setup by completing a search form within your Google Account and going to You will have the option to filter the type of results, what you’re searching and the frequency to mention a few options. Simple and easy!

Company reputations can also be built through social community interactions. By engaging with customers to better understand their needs, companies may effectively implement strategies to meet those needs and create strong relationships with their customers and the community.

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