Event Marketing to Reach New Prospects and
Show Your Authority

Event marketing projects are a unique way to connect directly with consumers. We help you create, promote, and facilitate four events (such as a webinar) throughout the year to build customer loyalty and brand awareness. Utilizing existing webinar tools, which are very effective, you can present and collaborate your business topics to many participants.

Webinar - Network of Linked Computers

The webinars are recorded, you gain registrant contact information for leads, and post-event marketing.

The Event Marketing Process

This marketing process includes:

  • We will create and distribute a premium press release about the event
  • Promote the event via blogs, forums, and social communities
  • Register participants and capture contact information
  • Facilitate the event through a third-party service such as GoToMeeting
  • Record the event for future reference and post-event marketing
  • Create and distribute a news release reviewing the post-event
  • Create and distribute ongoing newsletter marketing to the event registrants
  • Continue this process throughout the year, ideally scheduling a new event every three months

Companies are looking for new ways to connect with prospective customers and current customers to elevate their brand presence and awareness in the market. With new technologies comes new face of creating the contact experiences through the Internet for Event Marketing. These methods are flexible, lower cost and take less time for everyone involved.

By using web conference events or live events, you can enhance and increase lead generating options by tying in a muli-channel approach that uses press releases, web conference, live events, social media, and other web marketing tools as part of your overall Event Marketing strategy.

Over time, this process helps you more effectively reach out to your customers to build strong business relationships and increase your brand credibility.

Contact us so we can further assess your specific needs.