Web Advertising Using Multi-Channel Strategies

Web advertising essentially encompasses five main channels:

  • Search Ads
    These are the ads that appear at the top and along the side of Google search results. Paid search marketing is the fastest growing form of online advertising and allows you to target your audience by specifying relevant keywords and phrases within their searches relevant to your company’s products and services…continue >
  • Mobile Ads
    Mobile ads target the growing number of personal mobile devices and include mobile web banners or mobile web posters. As of June 2012, there were over 327 million mobile phones in service in the United States alone…continue >
  • Display Ads
    Display ads appear within search results or on third-party websites like Amazon and display text, graphics, logos, or other information to engage users. These may be animated or static and can be run through mobile networks as well…continue >
  • Video Ads
    Video ads are short thirty second pre-roll commercials that run before videos on video communities such as YouTube. Video ads are great for branding purposes because they place a company name and logo in front of viewers within the first five seconds. During that time, if a viewer wants to see the video they have selected, they must view at least the first portion of the video ad or opt to watch the entire thirty seconds. Our experience shows that nearly 1% actually click through to view the advertised website…continue >
  • Re-Marketing Ads
    Also known as Re-Targeting, Re-Marketing ads are displayed to viewers who have previously visited your website. Visitors are tagged and then presented with advertisements within their search results. These advertisements can be customized to appear a certain number of times each day and allow you to track the click-rate of each advertisement…continue >

Advertising Campaign Samples

  • Penske Automotive Group Mercedes-Benz of Chandler
    Google Adwords Advertising Campaign

    Smartfinds Penske Mercedes-Benz Ad Campaign
  • Penske Automotive Group Commonwealth Audi
    Google Adwords Advertising Campaign

    Smartfinds Penske Audi Ad Campaign

…explore other advertising campaign samples >

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