Video Ads: A Win-Win Between Advertiser and Viewer

Web video advertising has positioned itself to be the next major trend for web advertising options for advertisers. More importantly web video advertising will probably be as effective as traditional TV commercials. The reason for this is exactly the same ad TV commercials, the viewer has no options and is captivated. One could almost say web video advertising is more effective than TV commercials. On a TV the person has the option of changing channels, whereas, on the web, particularly with YouTube, a person has selected a video they wish to watch and in order to see that video they must first endure a 30-second commercial.

There is certainly a trend by advertisers in which they have discovered the value of web video ads for brand building purposes. Much of this has been made possible by having mobile and video coming together along with the necessary increased bandwidth capabilities of the cellular network and WiFi options for mobile users.

With Google AdWords for video, we can help you reach the right viewer based on aligning their interest with your business, products or services. This can be accomplished at the right price, which is a fraction of TV commercials and you only pay when someone watches your video ad. Like any Google Adwords campaign, the video advertising channels can be managed, tracked and measured.

With 800 million people visiting YouTube worldwide every month (source: DoubleClick AdPlanner), video ads help find customers that you may not have had access to through the traditional TV network. Video ads are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business. And they get results – like an average 20% increase in traffic to your website at a lower cost.

Google Adwords Video Features

Google Adwords new video ads features combine the precision of web advertising with the emotional and captive engagement of video.

  • Adwords for Video
    We can use the dynamic AdWords auction-based bidding system to place and manage web video ads on both YouTube and the Google Display Network, which helps to extend the advertising campaigns’ reach. With innovative ad formats, comprehensive advertising targeting tools, and the ability to track the results we can attract the audience for your web video advertising campaign.
  • YouTube TrueView Video Ads
    TrueView video ads does give viewers the choice and control over which ad they watch and when. As an adveritsing Google Adwords Video only charges the video advertising campaign when a viewer has chosen to watch the web video ad. This allows us to increase or decrease web video advertising campaign budget based on the campaign strategies and objectives.

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