Re-Marketing Ads: Behavioral Targeting the Right Audience

Re-Marketing ads advertising is also known as behavioral re-targeting or behavioral re-marketing. This form of web advertising is a targeting method in which we are able to target website visitors based on their previous interaction with a web advertisement, visit to the website, or where click actions did not result in a conversion of a sale or lead.

In its most basic form, re-targeting serves ads to people more frequently after they have left the website and helps web advertisers with website visitors who leave without a conversion.

Re-targeting tags web users who visit the website with a cookie and then serves banner or contextual ads only to website visitors who have shown at least some amount of engagement with a previous web advertisement. Re-targeting ad campaigns usually run on lower cost, which not only increases effectiveness by specifically targeting web visitors, but also improves the overall return on investment (ROI) of the advertising campaign.

Your AD Here ConceptWhen we use re-marketing, we will tag pages of your site (e.g. campaign landing pages) that correspond to certain categories related to the advertising campaign’s strategy and objectives. Re-marketing is a powerful way to stay engaged with a targeted and interested audience. Presenting them with highly relevant ads, after they have clicked on a web advertisement and visited the website, helps to make sure your brand is on their mind when they are ready to buy. We are able to achieve even higher conversions by combining other re-targeting advertisement methods which include categories, demographics, or keyword campaigns.

Google Adwords Re-Marketing Features

A Google Adwords Advertising feature for Re-Marketing Ads that we have in our arsenal includes:

  • Google AdWords Re-marketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA)
    Re-marketing lists for search ads is a feature that allows us to customize search ad campaigns for people who have previously visited your site and tailor the advertising bids and ads to these visitors when they are searching in Google.We start by using re-marketing lists for search ads by creating a re-marketing list and add a snippet of code that to the web pages or landing pages on the website. We can add the new re-marketing tag to every page in your site based on their content, category and information. The code tells Google AdWords to add every site visitor to the RLSA.When people visit the website the cookies associated with their browsers are added to the re-marketing list.Once the re-marketing tag is added, we can add the re-marketing list to an ad group with a message tailored to customers on the re-marketing list. These customized ads will show to previous website visitors when they later search on Google.

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