Advertising Campaign Examples

Display advertising has been helping drive website traffic, sell products and support brands for quite some time. SmartFinds has been gaining experiences in optimized web advertising campaigns through a variety of client projects. The different industries along with the maturity of the web advertising technologies, have kept SmartFinds on the front line of insuring client campaigns are effective and targeted.

Display advertising use tracking tools to identify which ads are performing with impressions, clicks, and their click through rate (CTR). By tracking this information and comparing the results with the websites that are performing, we can optimize the display campaigns for the best use of the allotted budget.

Below are a few examples for both static campaigns using Google Adwords display advertising and interactive banner advertising campaigns through targeted websites and advertising networks. Utilizing different advertising channels that includes Google Adwords, destination websites, and web advertising networks insures a broad reach that can be optimized based on results.

The static campaign examples are general banners ads, which are targeted based on the strategies and objectives. These may include single focused branding, calls to action, or a specific message to generated consumer interest.

The interactive campaigns are Flash animated banners in which the animations are geared towards generating interest or for consumers to interact with the banners. Using A | B testing with variations of ads, colors, animations and messages help to insure an effective campaign.

Static Advertising Campaign Samples

  • CigarFox New Brand Advertising Campaign
    Smartfinds Cigarfox Ad Campaign
  • Flagstar Bank Banner $100 Gas Card Advertising Campaign
    Smartfinds Flagstar Bank Ad Campaign
  • Penske Automotive Group Commonwealth Audi
    Google Adwords Advertising Campaign

    Smartfinds Penske Audi Ad Campaign
  • Penske Automotive Group Scottsdale Ferrari
    Google Adwords Advertising Campaign

    Smartfinds Penske Ferrari Ad Campaign
  • Penske Automotive Group Mercedes-Benz of Chandler
    Google Adwords Advertising Campaign

    Smartfinds Penske Mercedes-Benz Ad Campaign
  • Penske Automotive Group Commonwealth VW
    Google Adwords Advertising Campaign

    Smartfinds Penske Auto Group VW Ad Campaign
  • Wendy’s Restaurant Regional Coupon
    Banner Advertising Campaign

    Smartfinds Wendys Regional Ad Campaign

Interactive Advertising Campaign Samples

[swfobj src=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/smartfinds-cigarfox-interactive-ad-campaign.swf”]CigarFox Interactive Banner Advertising Campaign[/swfobj] [swfobj src=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/smartfinds-dte-energy-interactive-ad-campaign.swf”]DTE Energy Interactive Banner Advertising Campaign[/swfobj] [swfobj src=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/smartfinds-flagstar-bank-interactive-ad-campaign.swf”]Flagstar Bank $100 Gas Card Interactive Banner Advertising Campaign[/swfobj] [swfobj src=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/smartfinds-precedent-insurance-interactice-ad-campaign.swf”]Precedent Insurance Interactive Banner Advertising Campaign[/swfobj]

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