Video Production Services

At SmartFinds, we will help you develop an effective video marketing strategy to build brand awareness, drive client engagement, and ultimately generate leads and sales. We can help you determine what types of video production the best fit your web marketing strategy and our video team can provide professional video production services.

Video production can be as small as a GoPro camera mounted on a helmet as a skier takes the slopes or as large as a 40 person crew working on a 30-second commercial. Our video team has directed or managed projects within this large range of production scope. We can tailor the size of the video crew to the needs of the production. Video production services include writing, interviewing, directing, High Definition Video capture, and editorial and finishing services to your choice of digital format.

Video Production Types

To effectively engage your customers and online viewers, we offer a variety of video production types.

Ads and Pre-Roll Video

Pre-roll videos are short thirty second video ads that run prior to an online video as found on sites such as YouTube. Because viewers are required to watch the first few seconds of the ad before they can continue to the video they have selected to watch, they are considered a captive audience. Video ads are great for branding purposes because they place a company name and logo in front of viewers within the first five seconds and provide an excellent way to quickly share very specific information about products or specials.

Video Production and Development

Story Videos

Video is an optimal way to engage customers online to tell a compelling story whether you want to highlight a product story, corporate story, or one person’s inspirational history. Story videos connect consumers with your brand, people, and products in an emotionally engaging manner.

Event Videos

Capture the excitement and energy of your events and share the experience with a global online audience. Are you unveiling a new product? Do you offer workshops or demos? Do you have a compelling promotional event coming up that you want to share with the world? Video artfully delivers these events to a worldwide online audience.

Product Videos

Create dynamic product walk-arounds to highlight new features, updates, or technology. Provide informative videos and reviews to educate and engage viewers or to drive sales and leads for your products.

Contact us so we can further assess your specific video needs.