Video Process for Production

Informative videos that engage and entertain the viewer

We use your time wisely to help you and your business improve consideration, drive leads and close sales. The video production process includes the following:

  • We Start At The End
    What is the impression you want the viewer to have after they have seen your video?
  • We Ask Questions. Lots Of Questions
    What are your business objectives?
    What is your strategic plan?
    How will this video fit with your other communications?
    What are your primary communication points?
    What audience are you trying to reach?
  • Then, The Fun Begins
    We don’t just produce videos, we craft them, and when executed properly it evokes an emotional response that connects the viewer to a story and whomever is telling that story. Armed with a complete brief, we develop a video plan to insure we achieve your objectives.
  • Outline The Story Arch
    Who is delivering what information?
    Where are they delivering it?
    What are the key visuals?
  • Create A Script
    This could be a series of questions, or a fully fleshed out narrative with details about the visuals that accompany the words.
  • Plan The Shoot
    Lots of logistics are involved with video production, from planning the shots and securing a location to creating/dressing a set, lighting a scene and coordinating talent. We’ve been creating award-winning videos for over 25 years and know all the angles to cover.
  • Shoot The Video
    Lights. Camera. Action. No, this isn’t Hollywood, but each shot tells a story and we compose, light and execute each frame with precision and attention to detail, delivering each shot with compelling cinematography.
  • Edit The Video
    This is where it all comes together. Once all the footage is “in the can,” our editors dive in and marry the very best shots together to connect all the dots for the story.
  • Graphics and Animation
    Our superior cinematography can be complemented with sharp, lively graphics and animated visuals to help deliver the communication point.
  • Music and Mix
    Let’s not forget about sound. Music, sound effects and a careful balance of multiple voices must be harmonized to support the story we are telling.

Contact us so we can further assess your specific video needs.