Video Portfolio Samples

Video production, editing and marketing is a process requiring talent, experience, and expertise. This is a different discipline and science needing creativity and innovation. Whether you need a video for your business or just want professional-looking video for an event, you need more than good equipment! Please take your time to view some of the samples below.

1929 Miss Daytona Hydroplane


When someone fulfills a decades-old desire to acquire a storied hydroplane, it makes for a great story. Bruce Meyer purchased “Miss Daytona” and took this classic 1928 hydroplane out for one last run on the Saginaw River. This video captures his passion for the vessel and gives the viewer an insight into its history and why Bruce traveled across the country to drive it. We also experience Bruce lighting up the Miller engine and watch Miss Daytona strut her stuff one last time.

2013 Ford Raptor SVT


The Raptor pick-up truck has a huge cult following. While many videos showcasing the truck have been made, new, informative content always gets the attention of enthusiasts. The key to this video’s success was combining rugged off-road footage of the Raptor with an explanation of the features that set this vehicle apart from other trucks. This video cleared 100,000 views within three months of its posting on YouTube, and drew additional views on the Autoweek website.

Holiday Home TVC


One of many college bowl games, the Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl was looking to spark interest and ticket sales, while promoting their title sponsor’s main product. We wrote, directed and produced this commercial to associate this football bowl game with other family gatherings over the holidays – like enjoying a relaxed dinner of Little Caesar’s pizza. The commercial ran as pre-roll on the web, on cable and in football stadiums across the country, and the event drew its largest crowd to date.

Red Bull Race


Red Bull sponsors soap box races around the world, but the only one in the United States happens in Los Angeles. Autoweek sent its West Coast Editor to participate in the event and this video gives the viewer a humorous, inside look at what it takes to prepare for and participate in this costumed carnival of crazies. Another example of the automotive lifestyle (despite the fact that there are no engines in these vehicles), both enthusiast and general audiences experienced a first-hand look at the race and were able to meet some of the participants who explain their passion for the event.

Rolex Kentucky 3-Day


Land Rover is a luxury car brand that associates itself with key events like the Rolex Kentucky 3-day equestrian event. Beautiful imagery of the horse trials are combined with Land Rover’s “ride and drive” tailgating event to expose the viewer to an upscale lifestyle that is enhanced by Land Rover’s vehicles. As an advocate of the automotive lifestyle, Autoweek featured this video on their website and YouTube channel.

UAW Milk Money


The UAW was looking to promote its main benefit of strength in numbers. This commercial is part of a campaign of spots we wrote, directed and produced that recalls that theme as a lesson we learned back in elementary school. The campaign ran primarily in the southern states and gave the UAW relevance for non-union workers.

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