Video Marketing Services

By leveraging a wide array of online video marketing channels, we can help your company engage directly with online viewers to share compelling brand, product, or event stories. Of course YouTube is the main player in the video hosting community, but there are over twenty different video hosting websites online which your company can use to distribute content. These websites allow users to upload video content to share or distribute online. These include anything from a short thirty second clip to a full-length interview, corporate story, or product review.

Video Optimization and Distribution

The following are examples of ways to distribute your company’s video content to engage online customers and drive brand awareness:

  • Video Optimization
    The process of optimization a video during the distribution process is very important when properly identifying the video’s title, description and tags that can easily be picked up by search engines. Further enhancing the videos with comments from within the video community can raise the awareness of each video based on their topic.
  • Video Advertising
    Google’s video ad programs help reach a captive audience by tapping YouTube’s vast network, which gets over 4 billion video views per day. Videos are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business.
  • Video Blogging
    Video blogs are an excellent way to continually connect with viewers to share company or product information or to relay information about new technology, services, or provide insightful product reviews. In essence, video blogs allow you to share the same type of information as you would in a blog, but in a more interactive medium to increase consumer engagement and interest. Video blogging can also take advantage of online syndication through RSS feeds to distribute your content to a wide global audience.
  • Video Communities
    There are over sixty notable video hosting communities on the internet, with new communities being created often. Video communities provide your company the opportunity to share video content with customers in order to drive brand awareness or generate interest in your company’s products or services.
  • Content Distribution
    Video content can also be distributed through the content distribution process. By embedding a video code into relevant editorial articles, news releases or blogs, we can effectively distribute your videos to a wider online audience. This enables us to further optimize the number of views your videos receive on each of the video hosting communities such as YouTube which in turn builds your company’s brand recognition and online presence.

Business Video Marketing Is Skyrocketing

A recent study released on Search Engine Watch about video marketing reveals a 99% adoption rate and 73% year-over-year growth within YouTube. The study shows how brands driving the best business results in video marketing are moving beyond the TV type brand awareness to be more socially-engaged, longer-form videos, and content-rich video channels.

The study shows how since 2008, the top brands have gone from just a few dozen YouTube uploads in 2005 to more than 10,000 cumulative video uploads in a single month in 2012. These 100 brands alone now account for 9.5 billion collective video views and more than 2,200 channels containing over 258,000 videos.

Understanding the lessons learned for the past several years of video production, optimization and marketing include:

  • Consistent video sharing/li>
  • Take video optimization seriously
  • Lesser quality videos do work
  • Combine branding in the video and meta data
  • Engage in the video community
  • Contact us so we can further assess your specific video needs.