Web Marketing Research

To create an effective strategy, we complete research on various aspects of your company, competition and your competitors. Research helps us effectively reach your target audience and build an ever-increasing presence on the web for your company. The research phase maximizes your return on investment because it provides direction for your campaign and makes the process and budget use much more efficient.

Understanding your market’s appetite for new ideas is crucial to designing and launching a successful web marketing or web advertising program. The good news is there’s no need to for a large research study, rather tappinng into existing research materials like Google Think Insights will help provide the necessary information for a strategy and a plan.

Research Segements for Success

During our research we target four aspects:

  • Keywords

Are the keywords you are focusing on actually being searched by your clients?  We look at what keywords the market uses related to your business, products, or services to make sure you are the right audience through organic marketing and advertising.  Depending upon your business the volume of searches for keywords and keyword phrases will dictate the direction of the strategy, which is based around the return on investment. Patterns and insights we gain through the keyword and keyword phrase research will dictate how the strategic plan is managed. These elements can include seasonal trends, geographic statistics, and more to develop a customized online marketing process that will drive sales and leads, and build a stronger online presence.

  • Competitors

A Competitor is someone who is selling or providing the same products and services you do.  In essence, they have the ability to directly take business away from you.  We look at your top competitors’ websites to assess metrics such as Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic Rank and website density. We measure how well you are doing relative to your competitors, then set a plan to surpass their online rankings.

  • Competition

Competition is different from a competitor in the fact that they do not have the ability to directly take business away from you, but do come up in the top Google search results for your keywords.  Competition may include market directories, informational websites such as journals and magazines, or industry association websites that may rank higher than yours.    It is important to discover why each competition website is ranking higher than yours and develop a plan to increase your ranking.

  • Market & Industry

Before we can develop an internet marketing strategy, we need to better understand your company.  We look at the strength of your brand.  Will anyone follow a news release from your company?  Do you post photos online? What are popular topics and keywords trending in your industry?  Who else is distributing news releases or generating a buzz online?  Are there any third-party shopping websites relevant to your business?  What are the 5 largest directories for your market and are you included in those?  This also includes researching the top destination websites and online communities relevant to your business to determine if they are a good fit for an advertising campaign.

Once we have gathered all of this information, we interpret and analyze it so we can plan and create an effective online marketing strategy.

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