Web Marketing Planning

Planning is an important phase in creating an online marketing strategy.  Once you have a starting point, you need to map out a plan that includes the activities, goals, and timeline you wish to use.

Planning involves analyzing each online business marketing approach.  This will build a positive ROI by making your campaign and budget use more efficient.  We ask questions like: Does the strategy have potential to increase revenues? How much revenue can it potentially increase short term and long term? Based the campaign objectives and your profit margins we can provide you an estimate for the return on your investment into your own company.

A Multi-Channel Online Marketing Approach

The tasks that need to be accomplished for online marketing are not a secret.  How you use those tasks in an ever-changing and complex world of the Internet is the variable.  At SmartFinds, we use a multi-channel marketing and advertising approach to tap into various points on the web.  These channels include:

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Press Releases
  • Image and Video Marketing
  • Directory Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Optimization
  • …and more

Using a variety of channels, we can discover which perform better than others and make adjustments to concentrate our efforts to optimize the most efficient methods that generate the best results for you.

Our team’s history, expertise and experiences create an web marketing plan to achieve your business objectives. We can provide tips on how to set marketing goals, write a plan of action, and define the monthly marketing and advertising budgets. We are able to take advantage of a variety of web marketing tools to help focus the web marketing plan, efforts and budget more precisely on an audience that is looking for what you have to offer when they are ready to buy.

Contact us so we can further assess your specific needs.