Working Compassionately with Your Partner to Address Male Infertility

It is important for men and women to discuss their concerns about infertility with one another in order to find a way to treat the issue together in a comfortable and effective way.

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When it comes to working with your male partner to understand and address infertility issues, we understand that it can sometimes be a difficult and sensitive conversation. That is why it is important to approach the topic with care and empathy in a way that both partners feel listened to and valued. The good news is, there are many positive ways to engage your partner while trying to overcome infertility issues. Even though men are statistically less likely to be the first to seek medical assistance when it comes to infertility, there are easy and effective ways to help them understand the process and their options.

Sensitivity Matters

The most important thing to remember when working with a partner who is anxious about seeking medical help for infertility is to be sensitive to their concerns, needs, and goals. Encourage open and honest communication, but avoid being pushy or condescending. Both men and women may have reservations about the next step to take, so it is important to take time to understand those concerns and to make a plan together that address them.   For example, some men are hesitant about visiting a fertility specialist or clinic because of the lack of privacy or discomfort they may feel around the semen analysis process or the medical examination. If this is the case, consider trying natural home treatments first like the Conception Kit® at-home system.

Your partner should consult with your Health Care Provider about the Medications you are taking and their effect on fertility. Some medications while taken alone may not be a problem but when taken in combination with other substance may pose serious risks. There is no substitute for a consultation with a Medical Professional.

A few General precautionary notes, however these lists are not all inclusive.

For Men

Anabolic Steroids (used by weight lifters and other athletes) are known to severely impair sperm production.

Among other drugs that can cause male fertility problems are Calcium Channel Blockers (ie. Amlodipine, Bepridil, Diltiazem, Felodipine, Hudsonipine, Isradipine, Nicardipine, Nimodipine. Verapamil) Thioridazine (Mellaril, Rideril),cimetidine (Tagamet, Acid-Eze, Dyspamet, Galenamet, Zita), sulfasalazine (Azulfidine, Sulazine, Salazopyrin),methadonecolchicineazathioprine (Imuran, Immunoprin), methotrexate (Folex, Matrex, Rheumatrex, Trexall),phenytoin (Dilantin, Phenytek, Epanutin), corticosteroids (ie. Hydrocortizone, Dexamethasone, Budesonide, Betamethasone, Prednisolone, Methylprednisolone, Prednisone, Triamcinolone), spinronolactone (Aldactone, Laractone, Spiretic, Spirospare)

Some natural substances like Saw Palmeto may decrease sperm counts or a lack of certain vitamins or nutrients may impair fertility as well. (see Natural Fertility)

Treat Infertility at Home

Using a treatment like the Conception Kit® at-home provides both partners a simple way to address common infertility issues without the need for invasive clinical testing. The Conception Kit® enables the man to be involved with cycle planning if he wants. Best of all, the Conception Kit® lets couples have sex in the comfort of their own home while optimizing their chances of getting pregnant. With the kit, semen is collected in a non-spermicidal, non-latex condom and then transferred to a medical grade silicone cervical cap which is placed inside the woman over the opening to the cervix. This provides an ideal environment for sperm to survive and penetrate the uterine cavity in order to fertilize the egg. The Conception Kit® at-home system does not require prior clinical testing or semen analysis and allows couples to get started sooner, even when one partner is reluctant to seek further fertility testing.

In all situations, it is important to realize that differences in opinion may exist and remember not to pressure each other but rather appreciate each other’s differences to work towards healthy supportive communication and balance within the relationship. Couples who are interested in taking this early step together can contact their doctor to learn more about the Conception Kit® at-home system.

About Conceivex, Inc.

The mission of Conceivex, Inc. is to give women and couples health care products that assist them in reaching their reproductive goals. Currently, one in six women is looking for help becoming pregnant. This is why Conceivex manufactures and distributes the Conception Kit® at-home system, a safe, effective, and reasonably priced method to help women and couples overcome infertility in the privacy of their own home. The Conception Kit® at-home system is FDA cleared and easy to use.

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