Who Really Has Time For Content Distribution

The volume of content in the digital marketplace has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Individuals, social communities and businesses are all discovering how powerful content, article and news press release writing can be as part of their digital marketing efforts.  Still, it can be challenging to find staff with time to physically manage the process of developing and distributing content about your business.  This may leave you wondering, “Who really has time for content distribution?”  This discussion helps identify reasons why finding time for content development and distribution truly matters.

First, let’s consider that in order for the search engines to provide responses to users’ search requests, there must be content that is indexed from web pages.  The importance of content has been a reality since the commercialization of the Internet in the early 1990s; and while much has evolved in regards to search engine optimization (SEO), it remains important for a business to distribute content to increase visibility and promotion of their web site. Just having your web site has not been sufficient for a few years.

Imagine the steps associated with Content Distribution as a collective outreach program to let people and the search engines know about a web site.  A good content distribution platform includes news networks, social communities, forums, blogs, video communities, cross-linking techniques, and a variety of search engine related strategies. This platform should be constantly refined and used across all digital advertising and marketing efforts.

In all of the above cases, the content which is posted (text, images, and videos) can be set up to carry a link back to a web site.  The process is called “posting” and posted content has a shelf life of years.  Look at any search engine; and, it will contain content that was posted to the Internet in the early 1990s.  Posted content provides public relations and can help drive traffic to a specific web site from more places than just the search engines.  The process also carries with it the possibility for viral or third party distribution of web site links.

If posting is done successfully, a business may consider their web site address to be “cast in stone.”  Over a 12 month period, from direct efforts – as well as through viral and third party sources, a business web site may increase the number of links to their web site into the thousands.  Direct staff may have posted to some places, while, others are created through the viral process, or through third party web sites seeking information beyond a business owner’s direct control.  Each day, week, and month, the number of links grows even without a business owner’s direct input. The process does not have an end point, however generates exponential response.

In summary, while the distribution of content certainly does take time and is labor intensive, it produces results that are key components to successful web site marketing.

Are you currently engaged in content marketing? Are you realizing effective results?  Let us know what’s working for you; and remember, if you need support with your content marketing efforts, SmartFinds Internet Marketing and our team of experienced writers can provide you with assistance.

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