Website Technical Marketing is the process of insuring your website, your web pages, and the web server all work together. The process helps to insure the website is indexed, that the pages are ranked by the search engines, and that the website will function technically on the Internet.

You would be wrong to think this is search engine optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization is a sliver of the work. At SmartFinds we have taken the entire Website Technical Marketing process and developed a Proper Protocol Package (P3). Our technical checklist will address technical issues without compromising the visual design of the website. A sample of what is included in this process:

  • Recoding of Website to current standards
  • Per page search engine optimization (seo)
  • HTML and CSS Validation from the W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium)
  • Implement with SmartCommerce™ (E-Commerce and Content Management System)
  • Implement hosting server software applications that aid the process and help monitor the marketing process.

Our P3 process also helps to answer, plan, implement and monitor the following types of questions:

  • Is your website on a shared server?
  • Is the shared server black listed because of another website on the server?
  • Is your website blacklisted?
  • Do you have server website statistics?
  • Do you have analytics about your website?
  • How do the website statistics and the analytics compare?
  • Is your website code using current standards?
  • Is your website code compliant with the W3C standards?
  • Do you have link errors within you website?
  • Does your website link to web pages that generate an error?
  • Does your website contain all the current header tags?
  • Are you using a sitemap on your website? This is not a web page, but a file that sits on the hosting server for the search engines.
  • What have you done with your sitemap, if you do have it?
  • Do you have an account with the major three search engines for your website?
  • Does your website contain all the necessary server files for the search engines?
  • Do you have any hindrances due to security that would impede your website from being indexed or having your web pages ranked?

As you can see Technical Marketing is much more involved than basic search engine optimization and no longer the process that was undertaken of the wild wild west of the 1990’s.

If you want to start by setting up your website’s sitemap, check out the sitemap generator from XML Sitemaps.