Vista Service Pack 2 will not install Service pack did not install Reverting Changes

It is difficult to understanding why Microsoft would release a Service Pack without insuring that it will accommodate all versions of Windows Vista. If you think that Windows Vista has a Home, Business and Ultimate versions and then there is also a 32 bit and 64 bit versions too, then you can understand the complexity requiring 100% compliance before sending an update to the masses.

This link explains the problems related to Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) from Microsoft’s answers website. This Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack was released at the end of June 2009. Specifically the problems identified… far…..are for Windows Vista Ultimate installations with multi-languages installed.

Let us break this down. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate is the so called top of the line Windows Vista version that one would spend extra money to have on a computer. Since that is a known fact, one would think…dare I say…assume….that Microsoft would want those that have Windows Vista Ultimate installed and have spent extra money to be supported before anyone else!

So, how is it possible that a service pack is released and not be able to support the Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate group of installations?!…and with multiple languages….why release a service pack that only caters to five languages? Why NOT wait until you have all languages supported before you release a service pack?

Now lets take a look at the business side of these decisions by some idiot at Microsoft for releasing a service pack too soon. We have spent on one of our computers 3 attempts to install Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2). Each time it has taken over 5 hours to get through the installation and then the revert process. The lost productivity in these failed attempts of Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) cannot be billed to Microsoft! Now, lets multiply this by the respondents in the link above….now let’s multiply this by everyone that does not know that their problem is a result of Microsoft ineptitude!

Why is it that we cannot bill our lost business productivity to Microsoft?

Did they inform us before the installation process that the process (within my Windows update routine) would fail because there is a limitation on the languages? (I certainly didn’t see a special warning window)

Did they build something into the update process to first check my system that I have their top of the line Windows Vista version, Windows Vista Ultimate, and that I have languages installed that are not supported? Therefore before we spend hours upon hours on unproductive labor time we can stop the process! (certainly doesn’t seem that way)

So, why can we NOT bill Microsoft for our lost productivity for their ineptitude? Someone has to take responsibility for lost business productivity and until Microsoft is held accountable for the lost productivity these types of ridiculous wasted time updates will continue to happen. Certainly this is more in line of a class action lawsuit against Microsoft…hopefully someone….at some point….will be able to get something in place to insure 100% integrity of all updates prior to release.

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