Soave Enterprises teams with clients and industry partners to promote Earth Day efforts and spread awareness about environmentally responsible practices. Soave Enterprises

Anthony Soave encourages his employees at Soave Enterprise to embrace the mantra of environmental activists worldwide – “Think global, act local.”  Soave affiliate MPS Group effectively applied this directive in widespread Earth Day activities this past spring. Through team members working across the region, MPS Group spread its environmental consciousness through small, but meaningful initiatives designed to raise awareness and promote ecological sustainability.

At Chrysler’s Dundee Engine Plant, MPS employees Adessa Thomas and Byron Sims participated in the plant’s Adopt a Road program. The two MPS representatives joined with Chrysler coworkers to give five hours of their time to cleaning up the local roadways.

On April 20th, MPS Group and electronics recycler Cleanlites teamed up to encourage employees of the GM Flint CCA facility to “Go Green.” Collection containers were set up at the two main employee entrances for unused and out-of-date household electronics. Project Manager, Amy Mirelez reports three 4”x4” Gaylord boxes of monitors, VCRs, cell phones, keyboards and fax machines were collected.

Similarly in Ohio, MPS Group’s George Naff, Lou Rossi, and Richard Kish sponsored their annual electronic scrap collection drive at General Motors’ Lordstown Complex. GM employees and community members hauled in 3.1 tons of unneeded household equipment for recycling that would have otherwise gone to landfills. Rossi, along with Environmental Engineer Mike O’Hara, also distributed out 4,800 Mugo Pine saplings to those who attended the event. Earth Day celebrations yielded over 675 pounds of electronic recyclables – enough to fill four Gaylord boxes, once again donated by Cleanlites – at Automotive Components Holdings in Plymouth.

MPS team members, coordinated by Kirk Woodruff, handed out over 500 White Cedar tree seedlings to ACH employees. Energy provider DTE was also on-site distributing packets of flower seeds and home energy saving information.  Commodity Resource Manager Stefannie Jackson of General Motors-Wentzville Assembly, supported by the on-site plant manager, John Dansby, distributed “green” mugs to staff and team members who are able to use them repeatedly at the site’s cafeteria for a 50¢ per drink discount.  “This not only saves them money, but reduces waste,” remarked Jackson.

By contributing in their own unique way, team members at Soave Enterprises and MPS Group were able to come together to drive awareness and encourage responsible practices within their own communities. Anthony Soave encourages focused efforts like these and continually urges employees to share their ideas and work together to make a difference for their community in their own special ways.  For MPS Group employees, this is not only a great community service and education outreach opportunity, but also an extension of their responsibilities and mission – to offer distinct and innovative processes to help others reach their environmental sustainability goals.

About Soave Enterprises and MPS Group

MPS Group is an affiliate of Soave Enterprises, owned by Anthony Soave.  At MPS Group, the firm’s plans, targets and operational objectives revolve around providing products and services that help customers maintain their competitive advantage in environmentally responsible ways.

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