Spring cleaning is a good idea for your home, and an even better idea for your vehicle. Whether you kept your vehicle in the garage during the winter months or took it on a road trip to icier climates, all vehicles need maintenance in the spring to prepare for summer driving and now is the time to hop to it.background-night

Check Wiper Blades – It is good practice to replace windshield wipers before spring and summer rain storms arrive. Properly functioning wiper blades keep you safe by increasing visibility in all driving conditions.

Test for Warm Weather – Check that all windows work properly and that your air conditioner provides enough cool air. You may need more refrigerant, have a clogged condenser, leak , or loose drive belt – all problems you don’t want to run into in the heat of the summer.

Check Tires – Heat causes most things to expand and cold causes contraction, this can affect your tire pressure as well. Correct tire pressure will improve your gas mileage and increase your performance. Tires should also be rotated and replaced before heavy rains reduce traction on the road.

Check Signals and Lights – Head and tail lights play an important role in driving safely, especially in difficult driving conditions. Inspect all exterior lights and signals to ensure proper working order.

Check Air Filter – The air filter protects the engine from airborne contaminants and provides air flow to the engine. Replace the air filter twice a year to ensure proper vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

Check Brakes – Braking is obviously important to your safety and brakes should be inspected twice a year to make sure fluids are clean and that the brakes are in proper order.

Check Oil and Fluids – It is important to check all vehicle fluid and lubricants to make sure they are fresh and filled. Trying to make it through the summer months with inadequate coolant is a recipe for disaster.

Check Battery – Having the power to run the air conditioner is priceless in the summer. Check the posts and cables to ensure that your car will start quickly each time you use it.

Santa Barbara Auto Group offers extensive service on all Acura, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Smart models. Our experienced service team is happy to recommend the best spring maintenance for your vehicle based on your current conditions.

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