The Handler System™ Project Guide: Winter Walkway Maintenance

The Handler System™ inventor, Brad Blanchard, shares tips and advice on home and garden tools and projects.  This week he shares the best ways to manage ice and snow in the winter.

What is a good way to keep sidewalks and driveways clear in the winter?

Winter storms continue to blow through much of the United States this season, leaving many homes, businesses, and communities blanketed in snow.  While the landscape may look like a winter wonderland, it is important to manage and remove the snow and ice from walkways, driveways, and garden paths to protect the safety and well-being of the people around.  Falls are a dangerous consequence of slippery sidewalks and can lead to serious injuries.  Fortunately, owners of The Handler System™ can easily keep their walkways clear using a few tried and true methods.

Selecting a Deicer

There are many ways to remove snow and ice from walkways and driveways, but some are safer and more effective than others.  Most people immediately think of salt as a natural deicer, but are not aware of the environmental impact rock salt can have.   Salt does help melt ice, but it can corrode walkways and often runs off into the surrounding landscaping or into streets and waterways, polluting watersheds and plants.  A more environmentally friendly option is to scatter sand across the sidewalks after shoveling the snow.  A thin layer of sand will provide traction for people walking across the pathway, and helps prevent ice build-up.

There are other chemical deicers available at your local garden or hardware store that are still environmentally friendly but may be more effective than sand for melting through layers of thick ice.

Maintain Pathways after a Thaw

To ensure walkways stay free and clear of ice, it is important to sweep and shovel them often and to check for ice following warm days.  As the sun heats and melts the snow, water can run across the sidewalks, but then freezes again at night when temperatures plummet.  In the morning, clear smooth ice has often formed and can be difficult to detect until you are sliding on it.

The Handler System™ is a convenient reliable tool for managing snow and ice in the winter.  Using the detachable dirt shovel head, owners can easily transport and scatter sand across a pathway.  Also, the 24 inch shop broom is a great tool for sweeping away excess salt or sand following the thaw.  The Handler System™ is perfect for winter projects because it is made out of complex, durable aerospace materials that will never break, even under the most strenuous conditions.  If by some unimaginable event the handle breaks, it will be replaced for free, no questions asked.

About The Handler System™

The Handler System™ was invented by Brad Blanchard. Brad has over 35 years of experience as an aerospace engineer and owns Ventura Aerospace LLC Company, a manufacturing firm that makes precision components for commercial and military jet engines.  The home and garden tool is assembled in the USA.

The Handler System™

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