The Handler System™ Project Guide: Winter Lawn Prep

The Handler System™ inventor, Brad Blanchard, shares tips and advice on home and garden tools and projects.  This week he shares how The Handler System™ helps owners complete winter lawn maintenance and preparations. 

What are the best ways to maintain a lawn in preparation for spring?

During the winter, lawn maintenance may not be the first thing on many homeowners’ minds, but it can be a good time to give some extra love and attention to your yard.  If you have a lawn, the winter season is a great time to start renovations, to clean flower beds, or to prune back certain plants.

Lawn Maintenance and Renovation

For those who are planning to update their landscaping, the winter can be the ideal time to begin preparations.  Depending on your plans, there are several things you can do before spring comes.  One is to rake all the dead material from your lawn or to remove any existing grass or plants that you no longer need or want.  A sturdy rake is the best tool for this job.  The Handler System™ includes a 22-tine rake and a 14-tine metal yard rake for just this type of work.  Thanks to the advanced technology design of the interchangeable heads, The Handler System™ is tough enough to tackle any project.  Whether you need to rake heavy leaf coverage from you yard or remove old grass clippings, the durable heads can handle the job.  Once the lawn has been thoroughly raked, it will be ready for seeding or leveling.  If you plan to seed your lawn in the late winter, be sure to add a layer of the appropriate fertilizer and ground cover.

Flower Bed Maintenance

In addition to working on the yard, late winter is also a great time to clear out flowerbeds for the upcoming planting season.  Be sure to remove all dead leaves, flowers, and plants from the beds.  This way, the beds will be ready to be worked and replanted in the spring.  Again, the rake attachments for The Handler System™ are ideal for this type of project.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

If you have trees or shrubs in your yard, it can also be a good idea to prune them back during the winter.  It is important to prune plants before they begin to blossom in the spring.  Check with your local nursery or garden center to learn the specifics pruning requirements for your trees and shrubs.

Walkway Maintenance

Depending on where you live, the winter months usually bring a lot of snow or rain.  To prevent damage to your walkways, it is a good idea to keep them clear.  The Handler System™ includes a 24-inch push broom that is ideal for sweeping walkways, porches, or patios.

By taking the time to clean up your yard and prepare for the spring planting season, you can ensure your home looks its best all year round.

About The Handler System™ and Brad Blanchard

The Handler System™ was invented by Brad Blanchard. Brad has over 35 years of experience as an aerospace engineer and owns Ventura Aerospace LLC Company, a manufacturing firm that makes precision components for commercial and military jet engines.  The home and garden tool is assembled in the USA.

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