The Handler System™ Project Guide: Thatching a Lawn

The Handler System™ inventor, Brad Blanchard, shares tips and advice on home and garden tools and projects.  This week he shares ideas and best practices for thatching a lawn.

What is a good method for thatching my lawn in the spring?

Spring is a great time to begin addressing the needs of your yard including lawn and garden areas.  There are many different projects to be tackled as soon as the snow melts, and The Handler System™ is designed so you can handle multiple projects with convenience and ease.  Thatching grass is an early job you can work on following the first thaw.  Early spring is the ideal time to thatch a yard because it leaves ample time for the grass to recover and prepares it for new growth.

The Thatching Process

Thatching a lawn refers to removing the build-up of dead grass and leaves that accumulate over time and may inhibit the growth and health of your lawn.  Using a thatching rake (now available as an attachment piece for The Handler System™), you should rake at the grass in short linear movements to pull up the yellow and brown debris and gather for disposal.  A thatching rake is stronger than a regular plastic leaf rake and is built specifically to catch and pull debris from grass.

Work across the lawn moving in the same direction in small sections until you have thatched the entire area.  To be especially thorough, you may then work across the yard again, moving in a direction perpendicular to the first.  When you are finished, be sure to dispose of the debris – do not allow it to sit in piles on the lawn or mulch it back into the grass.  Once the debris has been removed, the grass will look a little worn, but is primed for watering, aerating, and fertilizing.

Prepare the Lawn for Regrowth

Thatching also prepares the grass to be reseeded as necessary.  This can be accomplished by spreading grass seed across the lawn and then raking the seeds into the grass using the yard rake attachment included in The Handler System™.  Be sure to water regularly to promote healthy growth of the new seed.

For exceptional durability, The Handler System™ is made out of complex aerospace materials that will withstand abuse even under the most strenuous conditions, so you can be confident using them for any home or garden project.  The complete set is comprised of a 48-inch-long fiberglass handle with four interchangeable heads including a dirt shovel, a 14-tine metal yard rake, a 22-tine leaf rake, and a 24 in. push broom.  Additionally, a metal thatching rake is now available online and new heads will be continually released for both indoor and outdoor use.

About The Handler System™ and Brad Blanchard

The Handler System™ was invented by Brad Blanchard. Brad has over 35 years of experience as an aerospace engineer and owns Ventura Aerospace LLC Company, a manufacturing firm that makes precision components for commercial and military jet engines.  The home and garden tool is assembled in the USA.

The Handler System™

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