The Handler System™ inventor, Brad Blanchard, shares tips and advice on home and garden tools and projects.  This week he shares why it is important to register The Handler System™ online.thehandlertools

Why should I take the time to register The Handler System™ online?

The Handler System™ is a state of the art lawn and garden tool set and is the strongest interchangeable yard tool set ever built.  With The Handler System™, working hard is turned into “hardly working”.  I hear from so many satisfied customers who enjoy doing yard work that they love The Handler System™.

I originally designed The Handler System™ because I was tired of using tools that broke.  To prevent this from happening, The Handler System™ is engineered out of complex, durable aerospace materials that will withstand abuse even under the most strenuous conditions, so you can be confident using them for any home or garden project.

100% Lifetime Guarantee

But what if the unthinkable happens?  If by some unimaginable event the handle breaks, it will be replaced for free, no questions asked.  This brings us to our question – why should I register The Handler System™?

By registering The Handler System™ online, owners can take advantage of this incredible lifetime guarantee.  Once you have registered your product, if you ever need to replace your handle, you can return to the site and login with your email address and password to access the convenient replacement process.

Order Additional Small Parts

Registration is simple and convenient and ensures you will always qualify for Warranty handle replacement.  By registering The Handler System™ online, you also gain access to an ordering system for additional small parts such as wall hangers and mounting screws.  Registered users can order these parts by logging in with their email and password and selecting the small parts order form.

The Handler System™ Registration Process

It is quick and easy to register your product – simply visit and enter the following information:

1)      Name

2)      Address

3)      Serial number for your handle (this is printed on the handle itself)

4)      Email (for login purposes, this will become your username)

Following registration, you will receive a confirmation email to verify the registration.  Once you have registered your product, you may return to the site as needed and login using your personal login information.  You may register The Handler System™ no matter where it was purchased (online or via a retail store location).

With so many advanced design qualities, it is no wonder customers love The Handler System™.  Best of all, our customers appreciate that The Handler System™ is strong, tough, long-lasting, and that we proudly stand behind our design 100%!

About The Handler System™ and Brad Blanchard

The Handler System™ was invented by Brad Blanchard. Brad has over 35 years of experience as an aerospace engineer and owns Ventura Aerospace LLC Company, a manufacturing firm that makes precision components for commercial and military jet engines.  The home and garden tool is assembled in the USA.

The Handler System™

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