TannerMeyer Drapery Guide: To Puddle or Not to Puddle?

TannerMeyer provides advice on hanging different types of drapes and curtains in each room of the house.

Window treatments are a luxurious addition to any home, but can also be a challenge when it comes time to hang them.  It can be quite daunting if you have never done this before. In addition to design, functionality, and budget, you then have to figure out how you want your drapes to hang. The quick answer to this is that there is no answer. That being said let me elaborate on what the recent drapery trends have been:

a. Whenever possible hang your drapes as high to the ceiling as possible to give them height and drama.  For more drama, select a more substantial or luxurious fabric appropriate to the room.

b. Finer silks in living/dining rooms look great with a generous “puddle” of five to six inches on the floor.

c. Other silks in less formal rooms function well with a “break” of one to two inches on the floor.

d. Less formal linens and cottons hang nicely with a “skim” of a half inch on the floor.

e. For a more contemporary look, around a half inch off the floor has a clean look.

f. For drapes that are functional and less showy, try to puddle less (otherwise you are constantly having to fix them).

g. For those who dread the idea of drapes or curtains hitting the floor, don’t worry about it. Do what you want – it is your house. Just do not make them look like “high-water” pants by hanging them too far off the floor.

A final helpful hint: to make a narrow window look more substantial, hang the curtains twelve inches wider than the window frame on each side.  This will add width and substance.

Drapery and curtain options are limited only by the imagination. If you are planning a window treatment project in the future, look through magazines and clip out ideas. Also, look online and print them out or “pin” them in Pinterest to refer to when ready to implement. Even if you have a designer doing your window treatments, stay involved in every step of the process by sharing your ideas and reviewing available options. After all, it is your house and it is a reflection on your personality, so choose what you like best.

About TannerMeyer

TannerMeyer is the largest provider of designer window treatments and bedding in the Mid-South.  For years we have been asking our customers what is most important to them when shopping for designer drapery, bedding, and blinds. Of course selection, price, and quality are important, but at the end of the day the resounding answer is “MAKE IT EASY.”  Making it easy is what we are all about at TannerMeyer Drapery, Bedding, and Blinds. Just how do we do this you may ask? A large part of the reason the process is easy is because founders Tim Tanner and Kip Meyer have spent years in the design industry specifically focused on only Drapery, Bedding, and Blinds and provide exceptional service and insight for each customer.


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