5 Reasons Why You Will Outsource Local Business Listing Management

The only way local listings show up in search results next to the map is if you have managed your listings by entering marketing information. Managing the local business listings begins with claiming followed up updating them with your local business marketing information.

Mobile Coupons And Google Local Business Listings Change Coupon Industry

Local business listings have become a significant local marketing tool that is showing the demise of the traditional yellow pages and equally the traditional coupons. With the onset of mobile devices and mobile applications becoming a more useful tool to the local consumers, we have to wonder how this will affect the traditional coupons that are printed and cut using scissors.

Free Webinars Promote Advantages of Local Business Listings

The webinars are being hosted by SmartFinds Internet Marketing, with two upcoming sessions scheduled for Wednesday, February 24th at 10:00 a.m. EST and Thursday, February 25th at 2:00 p.m. EST. These free webinars will help introduce the benefits of Local Business Listings to local business owners to understand how they can tap into the local consumer through web searches and mobile searches.

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Local Business Listings Become New Online Marketing Option For Small Businesses

Global small businesses can use local business listings on the Internet as a yellow page alternative and to be more easily located by mobile local consumers. Internet based Local business listings are free through the major search engines and display in search results, as well as on mobile devices. The additional benefits include adding coupons, offers, discounts, photos, videos while changing them anytime. - something you cannot do with your yellow page ad.

Internet Marketing and the Small Business

The internet marketing landscape has changed quite a bit in the past 3 years and has further defined itself further in the past 12 months. With Google raising $4 Billion from new stock offerings in 2005 we will see more changes underway over the next 3 years. Unfortunately, I fear the small business is going to be left out in the cold in this process. Perhaps a better statement would be that the small business has already been left out in the cold. This writing is certainly not designed to provide a solution to the growing problem. More so, it has been written to raise the awareness and acknowledge the difficulty small business has on the web. Certainly the small business does not receive any sympathy from the major search engines in their quest to provide quality information for those that are searching the web. Let's review how the situation has been created. We have to make the assumption a small business does not have the financial resources for a proper advertising campaign on the web (even though it is less costly than offline advertising) and they do not have the man-power to devote time for the non-costly methods of [...]

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