Search Engine Algorithms: It has always been a cat and mouse game

I remember ten years ago when we were designing websites for our clients that we used to play around with the keywords, descriptions and a variety of content related methods to help our customer get a high ranking on Yahoo. In some cases we were successful enough that not only were all the pages indexed, but they would come up consecutively. Undoubtedly, everything has changed over the past 10 years, but the question still remains the same. Why would we spend so much time trying to beat the search engine algorithms? The answer is very simple, we are all trying to make a living, earn money, support our customers and insure their success. There is indeed one assumption in this writing. That is to say the website we are talking about are regular business websites. Not scams, not fraudulent services, not spam websites. Nothing of the sort, just everyday normal business websites. The Internet by its very electronic nature has introduced the idea of lower cost marketing, more efficient marketing, measured marketing, and broader marketing. Naturally, a business would indeed seek these methods to get new and more business. Considering most businesses are small business, we run into the issue [...]

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