SmartFinds Internet Marketing Improves Web Site Results for Top Soil provider

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, April 28, 2008 - Premier 800, the parent company of 1-800-TopSoil, a top soil provider based in Metropolitan Detroit, recently partnered with SmartFinds Internet Marketing to build a results-oriented digital marketing strategy -- and, based on recent statistics, the strategy has been successful. During 2009, SmartFinds Internet Marketing helped modify the 1-800-Top-Soil ( website into a search engine friendly website. In addition, SmartFinds engaged in a digital marketing strategy that increased the organic search engine ranking position to #2 at Google in less than 4 months against over 3 million competing web pages and generating over 4,000 links on the web in that short time. Furthermore, SmartFinds has developed a platform that is consistent and easy to implement for future websites of Premier 800. Recent review of the project shows the website to be in #1 position at Google for the keyword topsoil, a highly searched seasonal term, surpassing the Wikipedia web page against 2 million web pages in competition for this keyword. "There is more to the digital marketplace beyond a website, search engine and advertising," said CEO Melih Oztalay. "Premier800 is an example of a business eager to embrace the web head-on. When a client [...]

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