SmartFinds Internet Marketing launches new website for Safecutters, Inc.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, March 5, 2008 –SmartFinds Internet Marketing announces their successful launch of a new website for Safecutters, Inc. (, widely recognized as the go to company for SAFE cutting tools. Along with the top selling Klever Kutter -- a box cutter approved by the Department of Homeland Security for safe air transport, the redesigned website features a variety of utility and package opening knives and related accessories. SmartFinds Internet Marketing provides corporations with complete digital marketing solutions. CEO Melih Oztalay has thirteen years experience with Internet and digital services in developing strategies that utilize all facets of the World Wide Web. “There is more to the digital marketplace beyond a website,” said CEO Melih Oztalay. “SmartFinds is pleased to have designed and launched an outstanding new website for Safecutters, Inc. The website has major parts that are customized through our SmartCommerce system including being W3C compliant, Content Management System (CMS), and secure Administration. Our efforts won’t stop there. We are also building visibility and results through a specially designed digital marketing program.” SmartFinds has completed extensive research to determine how the Internet community uses the Internet relative to Safecutters’ products. With research in hand, an online marketing strategy [...]