Moving To A New Web Address? Things to Consider Before Changing Your Business URL

In today's high-tech environment, brick and mortar operations are not the only business segments faced with the proposition of moving to a new location. Website owners have to change to a new web address. E-commerce retail websites also execute their own types of moves, in the way of relocating to new web addresses. No matter the business type - whether a high tech e-commerce website or a traditional physical retail location, the concerns associated with relocation are similar. How can a retailer change addresses without losing ground on past marketing efforts, while still maintaining existing customers - and in a best case scenario, reaching an expanded and improved customer base? In general, most understand what's involved with moving a brick and mortar operation. Let's take a closer look at some of the nuances of moving to a new web address. As part of this exercise, it's important to understand the ways in which online retailers create high traffic e-commerce in the first place - and then, to evaluate if/how making a move might make an impact. Durability It may seem surprising that in the ever-changing technology of the internet, being 'old' is actually viewed as a positive when it comes [...]