Internet Marketing Agency Compared To Web Developers

In order to foster results and return on investment for a Web site development project, there are several elements which require consideration. The 1990s did not require the sub-specialization needed for today’s successful Web sites. Does your website developer really understanding your business objectives? Does your website developer understand marketing? The disciplines needed for today's website have matured to a level beyond the average website developer. Does your website act as a business tool to generate revenue or is it merely a brochure?

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Brand Identity Support through Content Marketing

How can any company expect to cut through and reach consumers in a meaningful way to become a trusted brand? The answer may seem a bit strange, but to cut through the noise of information you will need more information? Yes, more information! It may seem counter intuitive to fight the noise of information by adding to what’s already out there, but information’s is among the most valuable tools in any marketing strategy.

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Your Internet Presence What You May Not Know

How does the Internet community perceive your business and your website? What is it that you don't know and how can this affect your business? The amount of data available about a company’s Internet presence, brand, Web site, and competitors is staggering. Tapping into this publicly available data is only half the battle.

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Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Is the content you are distributing of interest to the rest of the world? Does it have viral possibilities? Perhaps your strategy is to circulate positive information about your company as a digital public relations tool. Or maybe you're working to promote specific products and services. Whatever your objective, the starting point is the same: research!

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Internet Marketing Analysis

Internet Marketing Analysis is about gathering complex data from multiple Internet sources and interpreting this data to develop a strategy for a plan that will generate business revenue and growth. The results of this process are imperative to businesses to understand how to best approach their Internet strategy.

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Moving the Needle with “New Media” – Technically Speaking

Reflecting over the first quarter of 2009, I’ve spoken with small business owners, medium business owners, large global business leaders, brand managers, entrepreneurs, agency VPs, PR experts, client marketing executives, adverting executives, social media gurus, writers/bloggers and of course - IT and technical wizards - who all are energized and thirsty to move the needle forward.

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