Raise your hands if you are frustrated with DMOZ!

If you have ever had the pleasure of trying to submit your website to DMOZ you probably found the process frustrating and riddled with a certain arrogance and a lack of communication. Yet, it is one the more important directories for listing your website. You cannot help but wonder if DMOZ is there to assist website owners for mutual success or purposely trying to become an antagonistic netizen resource! DMOZ is a web directory which was originally created in 1998 by employees of Sun Microsystems. The directory was sold to Netscape which is now part of AOL/Time Warner. They supposedly have over 5.2 million sites listed, over 71,000 editors, in over 590,000 categories. These statistics are hard to believe if you think of the frustrating process to get your site listed - IF you are so lucky. One would almost have to believe many of these sites were actually grandfathered into DMOZ. Certainly in the past 3 years listing your site or becoming an editor for a specific category has been a nightmare. The importance of DMOZ has increased despite the Internet trend of using search engines to locate websites faster than navigating through a multitude of categories in a [...]

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