Soave employees took notices when distinctive blue steel beams arrived at a Ferrous Processing & Trading (FPT) scrap facility.  They were quickly able to name the beams’ former home – Detroit’s legendary Tiger Stadium. The arena has stood empty since its last Major League Baseball game on September 27, 1999, after which the Tigers moved to nearby Comerica Park.


Beginning in July when heavy equipment began crumbling the walls, the stadium’s steel and nonferrous metals – 89,000 pounds of aluminum, copper and other valuable commodities from the demolished portion of the stadium – have traveled to FPT yards in and near Detroit to be cut to size or shredded before being sold to be re-melted. The recycled materials will eventually become everything from new cars to kitchen appliances.


“That’s the beauty of metal,” FPT’s Executive Vice President Chip Hering noted. “Metal has no memory of what it used to be.”


Soave employees are helping to bring new life to the famous old beams.  Almost 95 percent of the demolished part of the stadium is being recycled, an impressive figure compared with a typical industry standard of 75 percent. That estimate includes over 11.4 million pounds of steel and almost 17.4 million pounds of concrete and other debris.  By recycling, these resources can be used and appreciated again rather than forgotten and wasted in a landfill.


According to Jim Benacquisto, FPT Account Executive for Soave Enterprises, local destinations for the Ferrous-processed steel include the SeverStal North America Inc. mill at the River Rouge industrial complex in Dearborn and the North Star BlueScope Steel mill in Delta, Ohio. SeverStal’s Dearborn plant is a supplier for many automakers, including General Motors, Chrysler and Ford. North Star BlueScope makes steel with a long list of applications, including manufacturing goods.


“Our yard workers got a kick out of it when they recognized the blue steelwork from the old stadium, but we are recycling Detroit every day,” Hering sums up.


Metal Recycling at Soave Enterprises


Soave Enterprises entered the metals recycling business in 1997 with its investment in Ferrous Processing and Trading. Today, through organic growth and acquisition, Ferrous Processing and Trading is the fifth largest metals recycler in the industry and is no stranger to large projects like the Tiger Stadium.


FPT and its affiliates provide a full range of environmentally friendly metals recovery processes, including one of the world’s first mega-shredders that recovers over 200 tons of recycled metals per hour. With operations in Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Ontario, FPT provides its customers with advanced technological solutions for all of its recycled metals needs.  From famous arenas like the legendary Tiger Stadium to everyday automotive and appliance metals, FPT provides reliable, responsible metal recycling solutions.


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